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Hello and welcome to my blog

Sanderlings, North UistI wasn’t going to write a blog.
It seems mighty hard to keep them going.
So, having ignored that note to self, I’ve taken the plunge; all the while ignoring my other self-caution to write a few posts before a launch, to have a few items in the bank, so to speak.

The main reason for considering a blog at all is that in Jan 2015 I began a marine environmental science PhD, based at SAMS (Scottish Association for Marine Science). While that’s not uncommon, what is less common in the science PhD world is that I’m a woman, in my mid-40s, married, with a toddler (and hoping for more, if we’re lucky enough).

The reason for starting a blog right now is that I’m not long back from the MASTS Grad School retreat. MASTS is the Marine Alliance for Science & Technology for Scotland, which is funding my PhD, and the Grad School retreat is an annual event of talks, seminars, workshops and fun, giving MASTS student researchers a chance to meet, mix and chat with one another and some high-profile presenters, while learning some useful skills at the same time.

There was a load of info packed in to the retreat and I thought that rather than just write up the notes, I’d list some key “lessons” to tweet…or even, as it turns out, to blog.

To keep this blog going, it’s quite likely to become a mix of academic, professional and personal meanderings. I can guarantee nothing…although I do recommend a few minutes watching this beautiful film: The Swimming Granny